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Meet Cheryl

I've been teaching kindergarten for 15 years and have loved every minute of it!  Ok, probably not every single minute, but most of them to be sure.  In addition to kindergarten I've also taught 2nd grade, 4th, and 5th grades.  I've been teaching for 23 years, all in the same district.

I teach in a small community just outside of San Diego.  My district has one Early Learning Center (my school), 3 elementary (1st-5th grades), and one middle school (6th-8th grades).  All the kids begin at my school for kindergarten then they go off to their home school until they converge again in middle school.  This really build a sense of community as they all get to know each other both in school and on the sports fields.

 The parents and kids are wonderful and my staff is fantastic too.  Being small we are allowed to innovate and do what is best for kids.  I love that about my tiny district!

Enough about my district, now about me...

I have 2 daughters and a wonderful husband. My husband is a techie and works at a local university.
My girls are incredibly busy with sports.  My oldest daughter plays both lacrosse and field hockey for her college and my youngest plays those sports for her high school.

Wow, look how young we were...

I also love my dogs and have 2 fun loving and mischievous corgis.

This is Cooper.  He loves to be dressed up- no, really, he does.  He is also the best lap dog ever.  He loves to cuddle and sticks to his human people like glue.

This is Lucy.  Lucy is a true corgi.  She loves being outside in the yard.  She is super smart and will do anything for food.  (She will even wear a cape for a dog treat.)

If you are interested in seeing what my classroom looks like, link to my KinderIrick blog for photos.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to get to know me!

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