Sunday, July 2, 2017

Summertime! Relaxation, Reflection, and Prep

Happy summer y'all!

I love summer break.  I try to balance recharging my batteries with getting stuff done.  I'm lucky in that I live in California just minutes from the beaches.  Every Wednesday I meet a group of people at the beach- toes in the sand... that's how I recharge.

During summer break I also reflect upon the previous school year and spend one day a week over the summer planning and prepping for next year.  This gives me the piece of mind to enjoy my other days yet continue to grow as an educator.   Reflecting on the past school year is one of the BEST things I do over the summer.

In the spirit of sharing (which is one of the big things we practice in kindergarten),  I'm sharing one of my favorite letter activities with you.

To prep it, simply print, laminate and cut apart.  Done.  

To pay it, I like to play this in small groups.  Pass out the cards and have the kids arrange them face up on the table.  Begin with the first card.  The student reads the card, "I have a... who has t?"  Students look for the card with the t and then that student reads his card.  I have the students turn the cards over after they read them.   You can play this two ways,  by having them say the name of the letter or the sound the letter makes.  By having the cards face up,  you can see who has the letter and help them if they need it.  I like to give clues like, "One of my boys has this letter."

I hope you enjoy using this activity with your kids.  Don't forget to take time for yourself this summer (teachers need that), spend a little bit of time preparing for next year (you'll be glad you did),  and take a few minutes to reflect on the things that worked well (or didn't) and mentally make adjustments.